The study of oceans is oceanography.Marine organisms are often studied in oceanography also.Oceanography is divided into four branches: biological oceanography,or marine biology;
chemical oceanography, or marine chemistry; geological oceanography, or marine geology; and physical oceanography, or marine physics.
Oceans cover 70% of Earth's surface & about 97% of surface water on Earth.Less than 1% of water is fresh water.Another name for oceanography is oceanology or marine science.A majority of volcanic activity occurs in oceans.There are 4 different types of oceanographers; biological oceanographers,who study plants and animals in the marine environment; chemical oceanographers,who study the composition of seawater; geological oceanographers, who study the ocean floor and its processes; and last is physical oceanographers, who study the physical conditions and physical processes within the ocean.The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world.The temperatures for most deep oceans,at 39 degrees Fahrenheit is a few degrees above freezing.Tsunamis are caused by undersea earthquakes or other disturbances.The Antarctic Ice Sheet is twice the size of the U.S.The Marina Trench,which is 11.7 km deep, is the deepest spot in the Earth's oceans.Oceanography can also be used in Ocean Engineering to help use the ocean safety.It is said by experts that we know less than 10% of knowledge about the ocean.The ice in Antarctica is melting because of global warming.About 90% of the sea is unexplored.We are limited to where we can go in the ocean because of tremendous pressure.The ocean gets its blue color by the reflection off of the blue sky.Although the color depends on several things including the amount of particles in the water, the depth of the water, and the amount of skylight.Oceans can sometimes look green if there is an abundance of plant life or sediment from rivers that flow into the ocean.Oceans can even look brown after a storm; strong winds and currents churn up the sand sediments making the water look brown.

Coral Reef.

Ocean Wave.