What is a tornado?

A tornado is a column of strong winds that rotate. Tornadoes come from thunderstorms, which mean a thunderstorm extends into a tornado.Tornadoes can come in many different shapes and sizes. All tornadoes any shape or size, can be defined as weak, strong, and violent. Sometimes strong tornadoes are called classic funnel shaped cloud. Rotating winds and their speeds vary from 110 to 200 miles per hour. Three in ten tornadoes are said to be strong.

What causes a tornado?

A tornado is caused when humiditiy and the tempature meet and form a thundercloud. A place where two winds meet in the sky is called to dry line.The dry line where tornadoes usually meet. Tornadoes can form anywhere in the world. The most active and breeding ground for tornadoes to occur, is called tornado alley. Tornadoes are most likely to occur in the spring time. Tornadoes almost always occur when two air masses meet

What you should do when a tornado occurs?

If you are outside and all the signs or a tornado are occuring, you should find shelter quick. If you are in a car while tornado you should never try to out run the tornado. Some people don't have a basement, you can always go to your crawlspace, bathtub, or closet. Have you ever been outside while it was green? If you have you should go inside, because that is a sign of a tornado.

Types of tornadoes.

Tornadoes can come in many sizes, and shapes. And they can form in many different locations. All tornadoes can range from shape. Like, narrow, and rope-like, narrow and fat cylinders, or be coned or wedge shape. They can all form in many situations. Tornadoes can be super cell tornadoes, land spout, gustnado, waterspout, dust devil, and fire whirls. They can come in colors to. Mostly a blueish color.

Different Sizes & Damage.

Sizes; F-0, F-1, F-2, F-3, F-4, F-5 Damage; F-0; light damage. F-1; moderate damage. F-2; considerable damage F-3; severe damage. F-4; devastating damage. F-5; incredible damage.



A water spout is a tornado that forms over warm water only. These types of tornadoes mostly occur over the Gulf Coast and southern states. In the western United States they only occur with cold or late fall, or cold winter storms. During long periods when you least expect them. Water Spouts usually move inland creating on land tornadoes that cause plenty of damage.


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