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The weight of ice can be a tremendous load on a poor little tree.


Driving on icy roads is dangerous but this truck can handle it. This chart shows how freezing rain forms.

(Even though its a Ford) (Chevy is better)



Ice storms are very dangerous some times they can cause death and injuries. To produce about ΒΌ of an inch of ice it has to rain or freeze rain for a couple hours.ice stroms occur when two layer of air 1 warm and i cold when the rain goes through the warm layer it stays the same then when it hits the cold layer it freezes and come all the way down in the solid form
The worst hit northern Idaho in 1961 8 inches in 1 area
Weather men and women can predict almost when and where an ice storm can happen.Sometimes they can happen unexpectedly in late 2009 in Kentucky there was about 2'' It can be worse when there is a layer of snow on top because the snow acts like a layer of glass on glass. Some times in front of a snow storm the snow will melt partially and form ice crystal the ice crystals are call freezing rain.
Rime is a milky white build up of super cooled cloud or fog droplets that freeze when they hit any thing that has a temperature of freezing or below freezing. Rime can pose a threat to airliners and other air craft.

They cause powers outages and even deaths some times. Loss of electricity can cause hypothermia and death because there is no way to get out of the cold as a result the body will start to shut down your extremities. When sidewalks become icy pedestrians can slip and fall and get hurt. it is especially bad for the elderly that may not have as good as balance as some younger people.Stairs can also be a hazard.Freezing rain often causes major power outages.
When the ice thickness gets above 2/10 of an inch tree branches start to bow under the weight. With windy conditions come a greater risk of damage to power lines, people, and their possessions. When power lines get too much ice accumulation they will bow and probably break or break something else will break.
Black ice is ice that is hard to see and it is very slick and dangerous. Bridges and over passes can become very dangerous with black ice on them.
When ice form on boats the boats can become top heavy and tip over then sink. It is a hard task to keep ice off of ships and keeps them that way. The crew men of the ship have to take hammers and shovels and break the ice then shovel it over board so the ship won't be so heavy.