Hurricanes spin around a low-pressure center . Sinking air makes this 20- to 30-mile-wide this area is notoriously calm. But the eye is surrounded by a circular “eye wall” that has the storm’s strongest winds and rain.

This is a picture of a hurricane over Mississippi. It was the sixth strongest hurricane in the world.the storm serge was 20 feet high.about 80% of New Orleans was under water.90,000 miles were affected.Hurricanes are named so we can identify them. The names may be French, Spanish or English.

What is a hurricane?

A hurricane is an organized system of thunderstorms that forms over tropical waters. With winds of 39 to 73 mph. Some hurricanes have the same characteristics of a tropical storm but is more intense. In the western Pacific, hurricanes are called typhoons. In the Indian Ocean are called cyclones.

How fast are hurricanes?

Wind speeds can reach up to 160 mph. The strongest winds in a hurricane that was ever recorded was 200 mph. That is enough to knock down a two story building!

How big is hurricane?

Some can be 300 miles wide.Like the one below. That could cover a good portion of the united states!


Hurricanes can be very dangerous like in this video

Hurricane on record was a Category 4 hurricane that hit the island city of Galveston, Texas, about 8,000 people lost their lives when the island was destroyed by 15-foot waves and 130-mile-an-hour winds.


What kind of damage can a hurricane do?

Hurricanes can flatten whole towns. Can kill over 2,000 people. Causes floods and water damage. Also wind damage to buildings and houses.

How strong the hurricane is,is measured on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. A Saffir-Simpson Scale measures the wind speed and air pressure of the storm. A hurricane is ranked with a number between 1 and 5. In 1992, a hurricane blew across southern Florida at speeds of 160 mph.In terms of property loss, the hurricane was one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit North America. Entire communities were wiped out and had to be rebuilt. Hurricane Andrew left 50 people dead and caused over $25 billion dollars in damages.

Water damage

Beach houses aren't the best place to live in. Hurricanes can cause massive water damage to places really close to the beach, but that depends on how close you live to the ocean.

In the picture below shows a whole town being covered in water. Hurricanes get greater by number one being the less strong and 5 being strong ones. Can cause billions of dollars in water damage.


This is what can happen to a town that suffered from a hurricane.Both people and animals can drown in waters like these. Most of these homes in this picture are actually floating!Plants found out different ways of protecting themselves from winds. Palm trees grow mainly in tropical parts of the world where hurricanes where sometimes occur. Their flexible trunks bend and spring back, but rarely break. hurricane-diagram.gif

This picture shows whats inside a hurricane and how it forms. Hurricanes form out in the ocean in warm water climates. A hurricane can produce as much rain as 6 inches. They can also produce small tornadoes that only last for a few minutes.The first hurricane happened during WW 2. When wind speeds up to 20 to 34 miles per hour, the ocean storm becomes a tropical depression. This can quickly become a tropical storm.Sometimes the air in one place is warmer than the air in another.Warm air is thinner than cool air. When cool air touches warm air, it presses against . Some of the warm air moves sideways.