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How many volcanoes have been identify.

Scientists have identified at least up to 1,500 active volcanoes around the world. But volcanoes are still being identified today.

How dangerous are volcanoes?

Scientist say that volcanoes are usually less dangerous than other natural hazards such as earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes.
But there is not a good answer if you don't limit it into a specific context: which volcano? dangerous to what - people and property.? during which type of activity? at which location?
Volcanoes have a serious of hazards (lava flows, ash fall, pyroclastic flows, climate changes on a global scale) that relate into different dangers or risks.
The risks when visiting an active volcano depend on which danger zones of the volcano are visited and for how long.

The different types of volcanoes.

Shield Volcano

Shield volcanoes have quiet eruptions and have slow moving lava. These kind of volcanoes can be dangerous cause, when they erupt the eruption is not that big and can not be identify in time if by one. One shield volcano is in Hawaii, Pele its name is Mount Kilauea.

Cinder Cone Volcano

Cinder cone volcanoes are the most common kind of volcano. When cinder cone volcanoes erupt they spew out ash and rocks the size of potatoes.
Cinder cone volcanoes are mound of basaltic scoria that forms by steaming gases that carry lava blobs and ribbons into the atmosphere to form lava fountains.

Composite Volcano

Composite volcanoes are composed of once pasty lavas and layers of lava fragments(from explosive eruptions). it has gentle to moderate slopes on flanks and is steep near the summit. Usually smaller than shields but larger than cinder cones. Some of these volcanoes, like Crater Lake volcano a composite volcano, have cinder cones on it.

Lava Dome

Lava dome are formed when lava is piled up and around the vent. A lava dome grows largely by expansion from within. As it grows it outside cools and hardens, then shatters, spilling loose fragments down it's side. These volcanoes are notorious for causing major explosive eruption that cause damage. Lava domes have slow moving lava but, is very dangerous.

Other Volcanoes

Other volcanoes are dormant and extinct. The dormant volcano is still active, but not for along time. Extinct volcanoes will never erupt again forever.

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The dangers of volcanoes

There are many ways a volcano can kill many people than lava and ash.
1. Pyroclastic Flows

These are formed when a deadly mixture of volcanic gas, ash, and rock, a pyroclastic flow can rush down the side of a volcano as fast as 100 mile per hour (160 km/h) and be very hot as 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit (700 degrees Celsius). the dense and superheated cloud that moves fast generally obliterates buildings, incinerates obstacles, and kills any creature or plants in it path.

2. Lahars

These special mudflows can be as dense as wet and heavy concrete but, move like raging rives. They slide down the side of the volcanic mountains with enough force to carry boulder at breakneck speed for miles. Obstacles like houses, living things, and trees in it's path are typically battered, broken, and buried in mud.

3. Tsunamis
Many people think that tsunamis are only caused by earthquakes. Many are caused by volcanoes cause of the eruption that triggers just like and earthquake. By the time a tsunami approaches the shore, the wave that was not noticeable at sea is know almost as huge as a skyscraper.