Tornadoes- a violent, rotating column of air.

Formation-- A tornado forms from a sever thunderstorm, which is called a supercell. Supercells last longer than a regular thunderstorm. Tornadoes form when cool, dry, polar air meets the warm, wet, tropical air. Tornadoes are very unpredictable storms.

Types and Strengths-- Tornadoes are ranged on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. They can be any size, but usually only become an EF5.tornado1.jpg



Wind Speed


Light Damage

40-72 MPH


Moderate Damage

73-112 MPH


Significant Damage

113-157 MPH


Severe Damage

158-206 MPH


Devastating Damage

207-260 MPH


Incredible Damage

261-318 MPH

Tornadoes are very dangerous storms and never can really be predicted until they're already forming.

Areas affected-- Most tornadoes occur in "Tornado Alley". Tornado Alley includes the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois. Tornadoes occur in Europe an South East Asia the most out of all the countries besides the U.S.

Random Facts-- About eight hundred to one thousand tornadoes sweep across the U.S. every year. At around thirty five thousand to fifty thousand feet, a growing storm usually reaches up into the Stratosphere. No tornado touches the ground. The wind of them is so strong that it picks up dirt and debris so it makes a funnel and looks like it touches. Most tornadoes can move any direction but tend to move southwest to northwest. One of the worst storms in history swept through Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana that lasted three and a half hours. This storm killed six hundred fifty-two people and injured over two thousand. It left two hundred nineteen. miles of damage in its path. Two billion dollars was needed to repair everything that was destroyed that day.

Safety Precautions-- If a tornado warning is issued go to the lowest level of the building. Stay away from doors and windows. If there is a basement, go to the center of the building. Try to have something with you to protect your head from flying debris and make sure you are wearing shoes, because after the storm there could be lots of broken glass and debris. If you happen to be in a car while a warning is issued pull over and lie flat in a ditch. Do NOT hide under overpasses. The wind is like a vacuum when it goes through the overpasses and everything under it will be sucked out. Don't try to out drive the storm because you never really no if another could form or which way its headed.