This is a tornado. (in case you didn't know.)

What is a tornado?

A tornado is a dark funnel shaped cloud. It is mostly made up of super weird wind.

Tornado Causes;

Tornadoes spawn from a thunderstorm called a super cell. These occur when warm, moist air pushes upward, entering the cold air. When the pushing warm air goes up and cools, the moisture condenses, which forms a huge super cell. This super cell can get massive. The winds get super strong, which feed the updraft and this causes the formation of a tornado. Tornadoes usually cause huge hail, and strong winds.


Tornadoes mostly occur in the central and southern united states. This area is called tornado alley. It usually goes through the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachians, and from Iowa and Nebraska to the gulf of Mexico. Tornadoes can occur anywhere, including Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Rocky Mountains;


Fajita Scale Or F scale

F-0 Damage; Break chimneys, rip branches off of trees, and damage street signs.
F-1 Damage; Pulls roofs off, pushes cars and such off, could move mobile homes.
F-2 Damage; Tear frames off houses, snap trees in half, demolish everything in its way.
F-3 Damage; Severe damage, trains could flip over, semis picked up and thrown.
F-4 Damage; Weak structures blown off in a distance.
F-5 Damage; Incredible damage, Strong framed houses disintegrated, trees debarked.

Oklahoma tornado;

First stage; Funnel cloud Second stage; Spouting Third stage; Hitting the ground.


Water spouts

*Water spout is a tornado on the water. They are not that harmful, but they are more common then tornadoes. They are three different types of water spouts;non- tornadic, tornadic, and a snow spout.


Non- tornadic

A non- tornadic tornado are water spouts that don't have a rotating updraft. They are by far the most common water spout. When you have a water spout the winds only go up to about 67 mph. They mostly happen in tropical or sub- tropical weather conditions. Water spouts are usually very slow moving. If they go on land they could possibly kill someone or injure them very badly. That depends on how strong the winds are. Water spouts can be spotted on a radar. Thunderstorms usually start water spouts. You may have hail, rain, and very dangerous lightning while having a water spout.


Tornadic waterspouts, also called "tornadoes over water", are formed from mesocyclonic action and land-based tornadoes in connection with severe thunderstorms, but they are occurring over water. A tornado that travels from land to a body of water would also be considered a tornadic waterspout. Since the vary majority of mesocyclonic thunderstorms occur in land areas of America, true tornadic waterspouts are more rare than their fair-weather counterparts. However, in some areas, tornadic waterspouts can make up half of the total number.

Snow spouts

A winter snow spout, or a snow devil, is an very rare instance of a waterspout forming below the base of a snow quill. The term "winter waterspout" is used to choose between the common warm season waterspout and the winter season event. Barley anything is known about this snow spout and only six known pictures of this event exist today, four of which were taken nearby . There are a couple of serious areas for the formation of a winter waterspout. Tremendously cold temperatures need to be over a body of warm water enough to produce fog, steam,above the water's surface.