Tornadoes are born from thunderstorms and are often accompanied by hail. They is a dark funnel shaped cloud made from violent rotating winds that can reach up to 318 mph. The diameter or width of tornadoes vary from a few feet to miles. Tornadoes can travel up to several hundred miles. Tornadoes generally travel in the northeast direction. Tornadoes usually travel 10-20 mph.

How Tornado Form

Most tornadoes form in hot and moist air. Tornadoes form when change in wind speed creates a spinning effect in the lower atmosphere. Rising air tilts the rotating air from horizontal to vertical. An area of rotation 2-6 miles wide extends through the storm. Storms can also be created by tropical storms and are most common in front of the storm to the right of the center. A tornado in May 3, 1999 caused 1 billion dollars of damage.


Destruction of Tornadoes

The scale that classifies tornado damage is a Fujita. Only 15 of tornadoes classify as F5s the strongest tornado but almost half fall in the F1 category. About 800 tornadoes occur each year and cause about 80 deaths and 1500 injuries. The most destructive tornadoes have up to 318 mph winds. Violent tornadoes cause 70% of all deaths. The destruction from tornadoes each year usually add up to about 200 million dollars.


Types of Tornadoes

There are 6 different types of tornadoes. These types are Super cell, Waterspout, Land Spout, Gustnado, Dust Devil, Fire Whirls. Super cell tornadoes are formed from super cell thunderstorms. They start from a strong upward wind, these tornadoes reach speeds of 200 mph. A waterspout tornado forms over water. Their are 2 types of waterspout tornadic and non tornadic. Tornadic waterspouts are very powerful and intense. Non tornadic are just the opposite they are weak and slow. Land spouts also known as dust tube. Land spouts do not touch the ground and it has very strong winds. Gutnadoes are also known as the gust front tornadoes. It is a temporary gust of wind. Dust Devils occur on dry hot days unlike other tornadoes the form in clear weather. They are the weakest tornado. Fire whirls are created from the heat of a wildfire and volcanic eruption. They have around usually 100mph winds



Locations of Tornadoes

Most Tornadoes occur between the Appalachian and Rocky mountains also known as Tornado Alley. As of 2010 the most Tornadoes have occurred in Oklahoma. Tornado Alley causes 4 to 5 billion dollars in damage from tornadoes. The Tornadoes occur here because warm air from the Gulf of Mexico and cold air from the Rocky Mountains collide.