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Tornadoes have very high wind speeds between 40 mph to 110 mph. Funnel Clouds extends halfway through the clouds base and the ground. Weak land sprouts may only be visible. A change in weather, wind changes different directions to increase the height of the tunnel forming. Rising air with updrafts tilts to rotate the air. A lot of dangerous and violent tornadoes form within strong rotation. This area is know for rain-free, for rotating wall cloud. 800 tornadoes have touched down through out the years in the United States. Texas has been hit many years. In 1950, they suffered about 5,500 tornadoes. Texas averages up to 110 each year. Most tornadoes have damage paths 150 feet wide. Hurricane Beulah spawned 115 tornadoes. A tornado can occur in any season. Tornadoes are most common in spring and least common in the winter. Tornadoes move at a speed of 10 to 20 miles per hour.

Tornadoes can come one at a time, or in clusters. They come when cool and warm air comes together. A tornado is rated by its wind speed here are some examples: F-0 wind speeds of 65 to 85 mph, F-1 wind speeds of 86 to 110mph, F-2 111 to 135mph, F-3 136 to 165mph, F-4 166 to 200mph. Waterspouts have a five - part cycle.The sea-spray is called cascade, it appears around the dark spot which is the eye. Dust devils develop by sunny conditions. They are small and weak, about less than 3 feet wide and 45 mph wind speed. The devils occur on Mars. Fire whirl are made by dry lands. They can make fires more dangerous. Most are caused by wildfires. Fewer than 1 percent of 100,000 thunderstorm have spawned tornadoes. Some tornadoes are visible to see. The wind dies down and the air stands still. Spring is the season for tornadoes. They occur mainly between 3p.m. to 9p.m., but also may occur at other times. Tornadoes last at least 10 minutes. A tornado watch- means that it might come. A TORNADO WARNING- means it is coming. When a tornado comes the weather people say to seek shelter. Flying debris can cause injuries and death.


  • Safest place is to be in an underground shelter or basement
  • if no underground shelter go to small interior windowless room on lowest floor
  • if in car and can't drive anymore, put on your seatbelt and put head lower than windows and cover up with blanket
  • If outside seek inside shelter

Tornado Damages:
3-d torn

Tornado Facts:

Tornadoes per year: ( 1950-2004) 910

5 states with incidence per year: (1950- 2004) Texas -134/ Oklahoma-58/Kansas-56/ Florida-51/ Nebraska-43

With lower incidence per year: (1950-2004) Alaska-2/ Rhode island-9/Hawaii-31/ Vermont-37/ Oregon- 87

Tornadoes in one month:543 (May 2003)

Deaths in one year: 519(1953)

Fewest deaths in one year: 15 (1986)

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