Volcanoes - Ian Haynes


What is a volcano?

A volcano is a crack in the earths crust that allows magma, ash, and gasses to come out from the mantle. Volcanoes are usually found where plates are. The mid ocean ridge is caused by volcanoes. Volcanoes form when plates diverge or converge but very rarely do they form when plates slide past each other. Volcanoes can form when the earths crust stretches or thins. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wikki/Volcano) usgs_plate_002.gif

Where are volcanoes found?

Volcanoes are usually found in the Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire is a ring of active volcanoes that go around the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii is the closest to the middle of the Ring of Fire. (http://library.thinkquest.org/03oct/00472/Were%20volcanos%20are%20fond%20Volcanos%20are%20found%20in%20many%20parts%20of%20the.htm)

Fun facts about volcanoes

Hawaii's magma has less dissolved gasses than any other magma.
All the lava from Kilauea can pave a road around earth 3 times.
Kilauea has caused over 100 deaths.
Kilauea has had 25 eruptions.
There are no active volcanoes in Australia.
The biggest volcano ever is Mauna Loa in Hawaii
the rock that came out of Mt. St. Helen's flew 250 mph.
The most volcanic place in the solar system is Jupiter's Moon
The most deadliest eruption was in Tambora, Indonesia
The deadliest eruption killed 92000 people and left 82000 starving.
It takes 15 days for ash to circle the earth.

Types of Volcanoes

1. Shied volcanoes
2. Strato Volcanoes
3. Rhyloight complex