Pollution- polluting or in the state of polluting. You can pollute in many different ways. It can be by littering or just driving a car. From pollution, there are many ways you can get deathly sick or just ill. Some health effects from pollution are nausea, cancer risk, headaches, respiratory illness, and many others.


Air Pollution

Air pollution are harmful substances that are exited onto Earth's atmosphere. It is caused by cars and power plants that burn things and let out smoke. Many people think that all pollution only exists outdoors but the truth is that it also exists in your house. Some of the sources of indoor pollution are tobacco smoke, cooking and health appliances, vapors, and paints. All of these reasons are harmful to you because if you spend many hours a day in the house the pollution is with you and the air is not circulating. If you spend most of your time in a basement, you have a high risk of getting radon poisoning from being polluted by the Earth. It is safer for you to spend more time outdoors with the air being circulated and the radon levels being released and circulated, instead of trapped in an enclosed room with you breathing it in.


Water Pollution

Water pollution wasn't really noticed until after the oil spill in the 1980s, the Exxon Valdez. The oil that was spilled leaked into the oceans and water lines, going all over the world. This was the start of water pollution. Now, water pollution is mainly caused because littering pollutants into main bodies of water is not yet illegal. All over the world sewage plants are dumping the waste into the oceans. This can harm the animals in the ocean. If this is killing animals in the ocean, we, humans, are losing a major source in the food chain. This lack in the food chain can hurt many people. Another source of water pollution is garbage that has been dumped near water. If it is dumped near water, the dangerous chemicals in the garbage can leak. This can contaminate the water. There has been a constitutional act put on water polluting but the law is weak on acting upon it. The main effect of water pollution is the death of many needed water species.


Soil Pollution

Soil pollution is caused by man-made chemicals being discarded into soil. This kind of pollution will usually occur when an underground storage tank has ruptured. Some chemicals that are very common are petroleum hydrocarbons, solvents, pesticides, lead, and other heavy metals. Soil pollution can cause water pollution. The chemicals in a landfill that are in soil near water can leak through and contaminate the water. There have been many attempts to decontaminate the soil in many different ways but all have failed. The effect is that there is major soil pollution in fields that farmers need to grow food. The pollution will cause the farmers to loose their crops and money. Also, soil pollution can harm little kids and animals from the chemicals if they are in a park. The kids can ingest the chemicals and cause damage to their bodies.