September 8, 1900 Galveston Texas Hurricanes

Galveston, Texas was hit by a really bad hurricane. It was the deadliest hurricane ever in U.S history. It killed over 8,000 people, and nearly flatted the city. It crushed more than half of all the homes and the buildings. When they noticed the first sign of the hurricane it was August 30, 1900. The next morning it had moved out westward. It was about 200 miles south of the islands of Porto Rico. Around September 2nd, it reached somewhere in the southwest, and it wasn't too far from Jamaica. The next morning the storm was about 175 miles in the middle of Cuba. By time the storm didn't develop the descriptive force but it did cause heavy rains. One morning on the 5th the storm passed over Cuba, and headed toward Havana and Key West. By the 6th, the storm was at a short distance northwest of Key West.

The Storm of Galveston Texas(1900)

Houses near the shore started to crumble and collapse. The wind started to pick up timbers and thrown in line of battering rams. Men, women, and children were flooded out of there own homes and had to seek for higher ground. Some people went out in boats, wagons, of they swam, but the water rose rapidly. The entire city was submerged around 3 in the morning. The flood was so bad that the electric light plant and the gas plants left the city dark. Because of the wind, roofs, cisterns, portions of buildings, telegraph polls, and walls were falling. Also the winds tore slats from the roofs of peoples houses and carried them along like wafers. If a person got struck by one they could possibly get killed. A lot of houses and other buildings were crushed like egg shells. Hundreds of people took refuge in a hotel called Tremont Hotel. The water was about 15 foot before it hit the 8.7 foot high island that people called home. The people of Galveston had warning but only a little . They also had no defense. By early morning the island was flooded by the high tides. Around mid-morning the blue sky turned into rainy clouds. By the next morning the storm was over. everyone in the city started cleaning up from all the damage from the hurricane. The people started pushing sand under the foundation of there house and it raised it up to 17 feet. The hurricane was about 8.7, it was the highest elevation in Galveston history. the height of the hurricane was about 15.7 feet. There was 6,000 to 8,000 people killed and the population was about 37,000 citizens. There was about 3,600 buildings destroyed. From all the damage it cost about 20 million to get it repaired.

How Hurricanes Form
For hurricanes to form they have to be over the water. The water must be at least 81 degrees F. The reason why hurricanes over heated waters, because the water is some kind of energy. Usually hurricanes speed are about 10 mph., but the the get closer to the N. Pole the hurricanes increases. A hurricane has to begin if there is a cycle in the oceans warm air. The pressure gets really high and the water gets sucked up and forms a hurricane.

What To Do During and After a Hurricane
During the Storm

  • If you are at home say there and stay away from windows, skylights, and glass doors.
  • Turn off your electricity if flooding occurs.
  • Turn off major appliances if you lose your power
  • Don't use anything electrical, you can get electrocuted
  • Don't go outside at all.
  • Watch out for lightning! Don't take a bath during the storm.
After the Storm
  • Stay in your home until its clear to come out
  • Don't touch any electrical wires of any kind.
  • Only use your cell phone for emergencies
  • Call the police or utility companies immediately.
  • Look out for loose roads, bridges, tree limbs, or porches.
  • Check your food after your power is restored.
  • Don't operate any flammable things indoors

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Extra Credit: Baja California, Mexico Earthquake
The magnitude of the earthquake was 5.9. It happen on Wed., Dec. 30, 2009 around 10:48. The location of the earthquake is 32.464n, 115. 189w. The depth of it was 6km, the region was Baja California, Mexico.
In Baja California, Mexico the earthquake happened on a Wed. morning. The earthquake occurred on the transform plate boundary the 2 plates, the North American plate and the Pacific plate.