Hurricane Wilma

Approached at 7:36 AM.
Hurricane Wilma was the 13th hurricane.
63 people died in the hurricane.
Wilma was the most intensive hurricane to ever be recorded.
Wilma caused a lot of landfalls to happen.
Was 4th in the 5 costliest hurricanes to ever be recorded.

From all of the damage that Wilma cause they ended up having to use $20.6 billion dollars or maybe more to rebuild and to fix everything.
Schools closed.
26 people died from the wind damage from hurricane Wilma.

Wilma happened on October 18,2005.

Meteorological history


When the storm went through Florida it pushed the water South to north In the low areas their was a lot of water so it flooded homes and from that it ruined a lot of the peoples homes so it cost them a lot to fix them. Then the wind sheer decreased. The eye-wall turned northwestward and Wilma became the dominate eye wall.Wilma's winds were 125mph.

Effects Hurricane Wilma Caused in Florida.

Power outages and some schools were damaged 2,241,000 customers lost their power.

Effects Hurricane Wilma caused in Mexico.

Mexico.jpg$7.5 billion dollars worth of damages were caused from the effects of Wilma in Mexico. When Hurricane Wilma took effect in Mexico, 8 people died. 5 people died in Playa. Their was 64 inches of rain fall in Mexico from Wilma and a lot of the homes collapsed.Telephone and electric was all completely out in the damaged areas so people couldn't talk on the phone or use their electricity.

Effects Hurricane Wilma Caused in the Bahamas.

One child died in the flooding. Hurricane force winds had occurred and the graves were washed up and all the remains of the skeletons were washed out into the streets. From all of the damaged that the flooding caused, it cost $100 million dollars to repair everything.

After Math

U.S. offered Cuba emergency aid but when the united states offerred Cuba the help, the Cuban government had declined their help. Crops were damaged from Wilma in the united states Three Damage assessors were sent to Havana to determine what their needs were. A lot of crops were damaged from Wilma in the united states. A lot of money was lost in Mexico for tourism income.

Recordings and Names

When Hurricane Wilma retired it had made the season with the most retired names. Wilma was the strongest Atlantic Hurricane to have retired and it was also the strongest Atlantic Hurricane to have retired, When it retired it had made the season with the most retired names.

What to do During a Hurricane

Turn on the T.V. or the Radio for information on the hurricane. Secure your homes. Close the storm shutters. Bring in all outdoor object or put them somewhere where they will be safe from the hurricane. Don't use the phones( use the phone only for an emergency). Turn off the propane tanks.
Have a supply of water for cleaning and flushing toilets, and Fill the bathtubs and other large objects with water.

When to Evacuate Buildings

If you are directed to. If you live in a mobile home or temporary structures. Do not go to a shelter because they are hazardous during a hurricane.
Hurricane winds are stronger at higher spots so if you live in a high building then leave immediately, and if you feel you are in danger.

If you are Unable to Evacuate, go to a Safe Room, if you Don't Save a Safe Room to go to Then Follow These

Stay indoors and stay away from windows and glass doors, close all doors and secure them, keep blinds and or curtains closed, go to a small interior room, closet or hallway on the lowest level, and lie on the floor under a secure object.