This is a tornado. It looks pretty from this point of view, but
tornadoes are actually a very, very dangerous storm. Though
from a distance, a tornado looks very peaceful, it most definitely
is not. During one year's time, 800 tornadoes are reported with
about 80 deaths and 1,500 injuries. Individual tornadoes can

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cause millions of dollars in damage, wiping out entire neighborhoods!
Take that times the 800 tornadoes reported! They don't seem
so peaceful now, eh?

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What is a tornado?
Tornadoes are violent rotating clomuns of air. A severe
thunderstorm is the result of warm, moist air clashing
with eastern cold fronts. These are the storms
that produce heavy winds, hail, and tornadic activity.
Tornadoes earlier in the year often have to do with
strong frontal systems that form in the middle of the
country. Tornadoes are known to occur with tropical
storms and/or hurricanes that pass over the states
during spring and summer.

Tornado: Goodnight, TX on April 22, 2010 from Joel Gratz on Vimeo.

How does a tornado form?
Warm air travels upward at a fast pace, while the
cold air stays down by the ground. When winds
from two different directions collide they start to
go in a circular motion thus forming the way the
tornado spins. The upward winds make the vertical
shape of the tornado, and the funnel reaches the
Cumulus clouds thus creating the whole tornado.
I learned all of this from: **Tornadoes....Nature's Most Violent Storm**

What damage do tornadoes cause?

Damage done by a tornado.
Damage done by a tornado.

Tornadoes can be defined as weak, strong, and violent. A tornado can be very dangerous. Some tornadoes can produce winds that reach 300mph at the highest. These types of winds can make automobiles become airborne, remove houses from their foundation, launch small object that can become very deadly, and break windows causing glass to fly through the air. The most dangerous part about a tornado is the flying debris. The debris that's flying around is very dangerous and can hit somebody, knocking them out or even possibly killing them. This **Fujita Damage Chart** is very helpful! Take a look!

My Own Little Tornado Chart

Types Of Tornadoes
Appearance of the Tornado
Wind Speeds Recorded
Weak tornadoes
thin, rope-like appearance
110 mph winds recorded
Strong tornadoes
larger funnel shaped cloud
110 to 200 mph winds recorded
Violent tornadoes
massive funnel shaped cloud
200+ mph winds recorded

Staying safe during a tornado
Here are some tips on how to stay safe during a tornado..

  • Have a first aid kit ready for any disaster.
    A tornado rips apart a flimsy barn.
    A tornado rips apart a flimsy barn.
  • If a warning is issued during a storm, get into
some sort of shelter such as an interior room, basement, or bathtub.
  • Stay away from windows!
  • Do NOT seek shelter under bridges, gymnasiums, pass ways, and malls.
  • If no shelter is available while driving, lay flat in a ditch, covering your head
and the back of your neck as much as possible.
Tornado Safety at Home and School

Wrapping it up...
An F5 tornado is the strongest tornado on record, but the future has yet
to impress us. Scientists are always trying to lengthen the time of an already
13-minute forewarning. You'd think 13 minutes is enough time to save your
lives, but think if it were a twenty minute warning. It would provide enough
time to get to a neighbors house, or get people off the roads and save
many lives. Hopefully in the near future scientists can find a way to do so,
because preventing a tornado would definitely not be easy, but it
would save hundreds of lives each year.