stream.jpgA stream of lava.

this_looks_pimpin.jpg A volcano waterfall

good_hjg.jpgVolcano spraying up

sparkles.jpegInside of the volcano

volcano-diagram.gif A Volcano diagram

Facts about volcanoes

How volcanoes form:P

Volcanoes are really only mountains that just keep getting taller and taller, as they erupt. This means that molten rock, and magma comes from the earth and erupts onto to the surface. When volcanoes erupt sometimes the ash can go all over the world. Usually the explosions occur first because there are lots of gasses inside of the magma.

The kinds of rock volcanoes form.

Volcanoes can form black shiny rocks with only a few crystals called Basalt. Also volcanoes can make a white shiny rock with lots of crystals and sometimes have bubble holes inside the rock is called Rhyolite. In the middle are adesites, which are light gray and usually have large box-shaped crystals called plagioclase.

How dangerous a volcano can be

Some volcanoes explode violently, destroying everything in their reach, while other volcanoes release lava so slowly that you can safely walk all around them. The severity of the eruption depends mostly on the composition of the magma.The more viscous the magma is and the more gas it contains, the more violent the eruptions are. There are two categories that volcanoes can be placed under such as explosive ones and effusive ones. Most of eruptions are explosive in nature. Explosive volcanoes produce frag-mental rock from erupting lava and surrounding country rock. What is a volcanic hazard- any potential dangerous volcanic process. A volcanic risk is any potential loss out damage as a result of the volcanic hazard that might be incurred by people, or property, etc.

Can Scientists Predict when a Volcano is going to erupt

As the population grows, more people are living in some what dangerous volcanic areas. Most eruptions continue as they have through out most of the geologic time, proposing even greater threats to property and life. When volcanoes erupt scientists do not predict right so they cant get everyone to leave on time. But most of the past eruptions have been helping scientists predict more accurately. If they predict accurately they can save millions of lives that could be in danger. Some warning signs to help scientists are when the magma chamber collects magma before an eruption, and when the magma chamber gets so full magma will start coming out of the top.

Why do volcanoes erupt?

Volcanoes erupt because when the rock inside the earth gets really hot it melts. The molten rock, or magma, is less dense than the solid rock surrounding it, just like an object less dense on water will float, the relatively low density of the magma causes it to rise to the earths surface. When the magma contains any kind of dissolved gasses, magma reaches the surface the dissolved gasses and the water will then suddenly expand into dissolved gasses and steam, causing a violent eruption. This would be like shaking a soda can or bottle and then opening it and it exploding.