Tornadoes are very active around this area.tornadoes are judged on a fugita scale.F0 and F1 tornadoes are more common but there are more deaths from F4s and F5s. Tornadoes acre when the cold air and hot air combine and spin.Tornadoes are most likely to acre in the spring when the temperatures are changing.Tornadoes can also be water spouts in some cases.A water spout is a tornado made of water but it has to be on a lake.more than half of the tornadoes are formed from winds of a hurricane.external image moz-screenshot-1.png

The deadest tornadoes of the decade

killed Where Fugita scale When
25 Evansville IN. F3 11/6/05
22 Sumner-Macon Co. F4 2/5/08
21 Pitcher OK-MO F4 5/10/08
16 Newbern TN F3 4/2/06
13 Pope-lzard Co.AR F4 2/5/08
13 Lake Mack FL F3 2/2/07
11 Greensberg KS F5 5/4/07
11 Denmark TN F4 5/4/03
11 Camilla GA F3 2/13/00
11 Tuscaloosa AL F4 12/16/00

Put up important things like wills birth certificates ownership certificates etc.Opening your windows in a tornado to equalize pressure is useless, it is a waste of time, if a tornado is coming its going to open up your windows anyways. If you want you could make a safe room it is a small room made of steel or concrete.In a year there is an average of 1000 tornado reports, resulting in 80 deaths and 1500 injures.

F0 light damage 73 mph

F1 moderate damage 73-112 mph

F2 considerable damage 113-157mph

F3 sever damage 158-206mph

F4 devastating damage 207-260mph

F5 Incredible damage 261-318mph