Tornadoes can cause horrible damage. They can kill people and animals.

Tornadoes are usually caused by huge thunderstorms called "Super cells".

Usually meet in the central and the southern U.S.

The tornadoes' rotation is about two to six miles wide.


Damage from Tornadoes


The tornado can throw your car and ruin your house. Everything can be destroyed. People can be killed.

A tornado can kill all of your livestock if you're a farmer, crops, pets, farms animals, and people.

Can knock trees down.

Destroy roads.

Knock trees or other debris into your house and destroy your house.

How to Survive a Tornado

Get into the bath tub and kneel down, cover you head with your hands, put something hard like a bed mattress on top of you.

Find the lowest part of the building.

Hold onto something strong so the winds won't pull you up.

Find a flashlight, food, water, and tools. These are for if you get stuck you can dig yourself out or have something to keep you alive for a couple days, or warn someone you are there or find our way through.

If you are in school, go into the hall where there is no window, get against the wall, bend down and cover your head.

As soon as the tornado is over get out safely and check around to see if anyone needs help.

Types of Tornadoes

The super cell- they stay on the ground for long periods of time, 200 mph wind speed, Likely to be violent.

F-0 and F-1- are weak, not a lot of damage, 40 to 100 mph.

F-2 and F-3- strong, strong damage, 158 to 206 mph.

F-4- very strong, heavy damage, 207 to 260, mph.

F-5- the most dangerous, 261 to 300 mph, damage is very very heavy!

How to spot a tornado

-Hot/humid weather

-Sky looks dark and greenish.

-Sudden rain and strong winds.

-A Wall cloud

-Possible hail or strong rain.

-When the tornado is coming a loud roar that might sound like a train is coming through.

-Dark/greenish clouds.

-Big/a lot of clouds.

-Some tornadoes you can't see, so look for bright flashes. Maybe from electric poles or your home.

-Spinning in the clouds.

Weather channel signs and warning

Tornado watch- weather can form a tornado, watch for a tornado. Get ready to go into the basement or protective area.

Tornado warning- a tornado or touch down has been sighted, might want to go into the basement or protective area.

Severe Thunder storm- may turn into a tornado.


Lakes, rivers, oceans, mountains, and places like that are not safe and won't protect you from a tornado.

Windows should be opened before a tornado.

When a tornado is coming, hide under an overpass- this is a myth because when the winds are strong they can suck people out of it and kill them.

Tornadoes only form in tornado alley- this is a myth because if the weather is right the tornado can form almost anywhere.

Your car can outrun a tornado- this is a myth because a tornado can get up to over a hundred mph.

Tornadoes can't form in cold weather- this is a myth because there can be a warm front and mix in with the cold air and make a tornado.

Tornado in the making/How they form

Start of by a big thunderstorm or a "super-cell"

The wind coming into the storm start spinning and turning into a funnel.

When the funnel starts to spin faster and suck more air into it.

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