Volcanoes form when material that is very very hot rises from below and goes into the crust. Magma makes crustal material that melts and becomes light and buoyant. A magma chamber is an extremely weak portions of rocks well it overlays the rock buy yeah. 24/7 scientist's watch over volcanoes to see if perhaps their is any change in their activity.

When plates crash into each other that is called subduction zones. When a plate slides by each other just like goes right past and touches it is called faults.Spreading ridges is when instead of rubbing against each other the plates pull away. Volcanoes form by plates moving or crushing against each other.


There are also lava textures. Textures from volcano eruption form from the heat of the magma cools and well it stays the shape it cools down in. They are active volcanoes, extinct,and doormat. Extinct volcanoes don't blow anymore they are dead, active volcanoes erupt often, dormant volcanoes usually don't erupt but they will eventually. Volcanoes effect a lot of things; Volcanoes destroy miles and miles of land, volcanoes kill many people. People die not just because of the lava from volcanoes, but from the ash and poisoning gases. So even if a hundred people escaped, out of 100 only 3 might live.


Hot Spots

Hawaii was formed by a hot spot. I would assume that a hot spot is formed by magma and hardens into rock and forms a island. Mantle plumes well generally volcanoes form then. Lava dunes forms craters they are created by eruptions and lots of viscous magma. This kinda magma doesn't go as far as a normal volcano flow would. Composite volcanoes are like really huge and by that i mean tall.Super volcano is a big volcano that has a large caldera and can destroy like a whole continent. Theirs not eny big explosions but the lava never stops flowing. It cools down eventually but not for a long long time.
Submarine volcanoes are in the ocean. That's where they erupt.I know this is weird but the erosion in the ocean doesn't bother the surface so people have no clue that a volcano just erupted in the ocean. That would be scary But also kinda good only because its not destroying miles of land.
Their are mud volcanoes and that has really striked my interest because I have never heard of it. Mud volcanoes are created by gasses and Geo - excreted liquids.

What to do during a volcano

One of the things is well their will be a lot of ashes and its not healthy to breath the ashes in so one of the things the website tells you to make sure all the vents in your house are closed, make sure their are no open windows, be positive their is no way that the ashes will enter your home. If your in your car you must be very careful that you don't run your car into mud or lava or you could be in a dangerous situation. also make sure that you don't get get hit by big rocks that are flying out of the volcano. Like the stupidest thing to do is go by a volcano site when its erupting so you need to stay away from the site.Those tips are to help you not breath in ash that could kill you.But their is mud and lava flows so even if you are safe indoors or in a car away from ash well their is still other problems.So as much as possible try to stay away from the flow of mud or lava. its for your safety.

external image moz-screenshot.pngexternal image moz-screenshot-1.png

The picture on the far left in the small box was the land before the volcano eruption.The picture next to it on the right is lava destroying the beautiful land. The picture on top is the land after the lava not so pretty is it. As you can see volcanoes cause a lot of damage.

Volcanoes are so dangerous. Its all scary to even think about it. Every year thousands of people die from volcanoes.

Their very dangerous and extremely hot. They can even run off a cliff and go into the water.


A volcano erupted in July 2007, in Hawaii. (Shown in picture below) It shows in this picture of where the volcano spot was erupting. Every volcano has one certain spot where it erupts. (In this picture it shows a Hawaiian volcano erupting.)