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An earthquake is a sudden break in the crust. Minor earthquake occur in California and Alaska all the time, large earthquakes occur less because it has to build up more energy until the crust breaks causing mass destruction. After an earthquake there generally is an after shock which is when the ground shakes after an earthquake. Occasionally there is an earthquake swarm and that is a sequence of earthquakes in a specific area within a short period of time. One other reason that more people die in earthquakes is fire. Once a water pump is ruptured onto the surface and power lines are damaged. The sparks may fall into the water causing a fire sometimes fires can cause more deaths than the actual earthquake.

Earthquake Magnitudes

When scientist measure an earthquake they use three different types of scales. They are the seismograph, the mercalli scale and the richter scale. The seismograph measures the ground moments that the earthquake has caused. The mercalli scale measures how intense the earthquake is. The richter scale measures the damage of the earthquake. Based on the readings the scales show scientist how catastrophic the earthquake is most of the time they are small ones. On the other hand there are some huge that can measure at 8.0 or greater. When there is an earthquake you will be informed as soon as possible.The first picture is the seismograph next is the mercalli sale and finally the Richter scale.


The History of Earthquakes

The first earthquake ever recorded was in the Mississippi river valley. It was the most destructive earthquake in 1811. It is also possible it caused the San Andreas earthquake and the earthquake in Alaska. Moments later a huge earthquake hit killing almost 300,000 lives. Every where ruins were destroyed after the quake it had caused a tsunami. Which laid mass destruction on the near by shore and coast. The most destructive earthquake in the world took place in Huaxian China. over 830,000 were killed. The destruction went all the way to Taiyuan. That is 270 miles northeast away from it.

What to do during an earthquake

If your in a building and there is an earthquake get in the doorway. If your to far from a doorway crouch and cover in a corner. Then put your arms over your head. Be sure to keep a safe distance away from glass. But if your outside during an earthquake make sure to be far away from buildings that may collapse. Bridges are very dangerous when an earthquake happens cause the bridge can break and you collapse with it or it if there it is one above you it can squish you.