Mr. Brooks's Science Wiki

Welcome to Mr. Brooks's science wiki. Together we will create a wealth of scientific knowledge! Your goal over these 9 weeks is to pick a topic of interest in Earth science and become an "expert" at that information. For instance, maybe you are really interested in the different types of minerals that can be found on Earth. You would design a wiki that showcased all of your knowledge about minerals, including links to other websites for more information, pictures where appropriate, and any related videos that may help explain or expand upon any ideas.

Branches of Earth science

Earth science deals with the study of our planet Earth. Within this broad realm of science lies many branches, with each having even further topics or sub-disciplines to explore. Where do you think weather fits in? How about studying rocks and minerals?

  • Geology

  • Geography

  • Soil science

  • Atmospheric science

  • Oceanography

  • Glaciology

  • Geoinformatics

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